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BRAVO! Big round of applause for everyone that came out for auditions! We were astounded by the great turn-out and utterly impressed with the level of talent. THANK YOU everyone! It was great to see so many new faces & lovely to see all the returning ones. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped. We have a great community and cannot wait to bring "The Music Man" to Wooster, Ohio, July 23rd at 7pm, 24th at 2pm and July 29-30th at 7pm and 31st  at 2pm at WHS Performing Arts Center.



Cast of The Music Man - SSW July, 2022



Professor Harold Hill – Stuart Daniel


Marian Paroo – Guinevere Steensen


Mrs. Paroo – Sheryl Villegas


Winthrop Paroo – Dane Kuzma


Amaryllis – Kendall Stewart


Mayor Shinn – Roger Stinchcomb


Eulalie Shinn – Diann Gorsuch


Marcellus Washburn – Aaron Morris


Tommy Djilas – Luke Hostetler


Zaneeta Shinn –Gracie Shreve


Charlie Cowell – Aaron Eicher 


Ewart Dunlop – Grady Suggs


Oliver Hix – Chase Tennant


Jacey Squires – Joe Amstutz


Olin Britt – Todd Patterson


Traveling Salesmen – Daniel Carpenter, Caleb Singer-Holden, Peter Gonzales, Douglas Myers, Father Stephen Moran, Stuart Courson, Zach Stevenson, Luke Hostetler, Wynn Yoder


Constable Locke – Douglas Myers


Gracie Shinn – Lydia Dunlap


Ethel Tofflelmier – Kelly Chandler


Alma Hix – Ann Giancola


Maud Dunlop –  Jane Hider


Mrs. Squires – Allison Hochstetler



Pick-A-Little Chorus –Hannah Reikowsky, Kyler Grubiss, Madison Mohler, Lydia Tirakis, Jennifer Darling-Mellott, Mary Salyer, Lynne Ayres


Featured Dancers – Emmy Chandler, Alyssa Musselman, Persis Yoder, Abby Wiles, Hannah Reikowsky, Darienne Davidson, Wynn Yoder, Stuart Courson, Gracie Shreve, Kelly Chandler, Luke Hostetler, Chase Tennant, Aaron Morris


Townsfolk – Isabelle Castellucci, Abigail Castelucci, Willow Fetty, Trevor Grimes, Nigel Grimes, Calihan Tennant, Marek Powers, Jackie Morris, Hannah Thomas, Katherine Jones, Cole Edwards, Morgan Edwards, April Lee, Sarah Otterbacher, Claire Teague, Stella Powers, Hannah Abbott, Malayna Turpin, Aden Steensen

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