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To promote the arts by providing high quality community theatre productions for the Wooster area showcasing opportunities for local performers and crews, with the emphasis on family participation. 



Shining a light on local talent, Summer Stage Wooster has been
bringing families together in the seats and on stage to entertain
through the arts since 2012.  
We are proud to provide quality community theatre shows that are fully staged,
choreographed, and orchestrated.
Volunteer cast and crew, aged 8 to 88, tread the boards together at the
state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center located within the Wooster High School.  
There is no cost to participate and a home is found for everyone interested in
being involved.  
At a fraction of the cost to see a show in a big city or on Broadway, we can have you humming and tapping your toes in your seats right here in Wooster.
We strongly believe that our area has the resources and appreciation for musical theatre to support an annual summer production.
A wealth of talented actors, singers, dancers, and musicians can be found amongst our local residents.
Summer Stage shows are something that our greater community can look forward to every year!  
We hope you consider joining us.  Audition, volunteer, sponsor, and book your seats.  We promise a good time.
-Todd Patterson


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