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SUmmer 2024

Thank you so much to all those who came out to audition for our 2024 production, The Little Mermaid! It was our largest audition group to date and we are excited to announce the cast list below. Get ready to dive under the sea with us this summer!

Summer Stage Wooster’s

the Little Mermaid Cast List

Ariel - Alysa Musselman

Prince Eric - Grayson Abend

Ursula - Diann Gorsuch

King Triton - Daniel Carpenter

Sebastian - Joe Villegas

Flounder - Lauren Berens

Scuttle - Jake Riley

Grimsby - Roger Stinchcomb

Flotsam - Annie Yoder

Jetsam - Kelly Chandler

Chef Louis - Caleb Singer-Holden

Pilot - Andrew Lewellen


Mersisters and Princesses

Sheryl Villegas          Katherine Joseph        Emily Riley               Abby Helbling             Sarah Berens.             Cassie Holzworth        Willow Fetty               Kristy Kalikasingh       Afton Karazsia            Sarah Higgins          



Morgan Edwards     Ami Hammond       Emily Hammond       Aubrey Evans        Kelly Grayshock        Lesley Mayfield         

Francesca Singenstreu



Scott Berens           Brad Kennedy       Benjamin Anderson      Kade Miros            Dane Kuzma     

Cole Edwards         Trevor Grimes       Nigel Grimes                     Zach Stevenson



Mara French     Emma Manchigiah  Emmy Chandler   Trevor Grimes    Abby Helbling  Christine Nolletti        



Andrew Lewellen        Kade Miros        Dane Kuzma         Trevor Grimes    Nigel  Grimes


Ensemble, Sea Creatures and Land Animals

Abberly Cole                  Nora Burge                  Jennifer Burge           Alexandria Mayfield       Eden Yoder    Hannah Reikowsky    

Willow Wengerd         Lily McLamara           Fionna Mayfield             Tessa Roberts             Roma Seling                 Sarah Otterbacher     Logan Baughn          Morgan Edwards           Sara Lewellen                  Jayla Davidson             Calista Tullos                Lydia Bresson            Darienne Davidson        Bean Carroll    Isabelle Castellucci      Jill Bauer                       Miya Loy                     Jennifer Kalikasingh

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