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Welcome to our “swamp”- the home of our hero, Shrek! The gates of Duloc are wide open to you, as we tell our version of this popular fairy tale.


Shrek The Musical is really better described as the antithesis of the fairy tales that we all grew up with. You will surely recognize many of the storybook characters of your youth, but their portrayals are quite untraditional. The prince is anything but charming, the princess is less than perfect, the sidekick is not wanted and the hero is, well .…an ogre!

Shrek the musical - 2017

ShrekC - 72.jpg
ShrekC - 345.jpg
ShrekC - 112.jpg
ShrekC - 259.jpg
ShrekC - 394.jpg
ShrekC - 147.jpg
ShrekC - 11.jpg
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